• How Your Stocks Will Be Handled After You Pass Away

    If you own stocks, you might wonder what will become of them when you pass away. This is based on the provisions you made before you passed away and will be affected by probate. There are several matters you might want to discuss with an attorney. Jointly Owned Stocks If you own stocks with your partner, the jointly owned stocks will belong to them after you pass away. However, you might also own stocks entirely on your own and these will be handled differently.
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  • Military Divorces Can Be Different

    Military divorces differ significantly from civilian divorces. When one or both spouses are in the military, things become more complex. You may have a lot of concerns about these divorces, and you may also have a lot of questions. So, why should you consider a military divorce lawyer? Your lawyer will help you with these different concerns that might be a little bit different than you are used to. Jurisdictions May Be Different
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