Why Do You Need An Accident Report After A Car Wreck?

Posted on: 20 March 2023

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to file an accident report. An accident report is a detailed documentation of the circumstances of the accident, including the date, time, location, and the parties involved. It can be crucial to your car accident claim for several reasons. Here's why:

You Have an Account of the Accident

An accident report provides an objective account of what happened. When the police arrive at the scene of the accident, they will gather evidence and interview witnesses to create a report. This report can be used to determine fault in the accident, which is important when it comes to determining liability and compensation. Without an accident report, it may be difficult to determine who was at fault for the accident, which can make it harder to make a claim.

You Can Document the Damages

An accident report can help you document the damages and injuries sustained in the accident. It is important to take pictures of any damage to your vehicle and any injuries you may have sustained, but having an accident report can provide additional documentation. This can be particularly important if you are seeking compensation for medical bills or property damage.

The Report Establishes a Timeline

An accident report can help you establish a timeline of events. This can be important in cases where there is a dispute about what happened leading up to the accident. For example, if the other driver claims that you were driving recklessly, an accident report can help establish that this was not the case. It can also help establish the order of events leading up to the accident, which can be useful in determining liability.

You Need a Report to Make an Insurance Claim

An accident report can help you make a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance company will likely require you to file an accident report as part of the claims process. Without a report, your insurance company may be less willing to provide compensation for your damages and injuries.

The Report is Needed if You File a Lawsuit

An accident report can be useful if you decide to pursue legal action. If you decide to file a lawsuit against the other driver, an accident report can provide valuable evidence in your case. It can help establish the facts of the case and can be used to counter any arguments made by the other driver's legal team.

For help with your report, contact a car wreck lawyer in your area.