What Does It Mean When Bail Is Revoked?

Posted on: 23 June 2022

While a bail bond is a handy way to get out of jail, it should not be taken for granted. Bail can be here today and gone tomorrow if it ends up being revoked. Read on to find out more.

What Does It Mean to Revoke a Bail Bond?

If a defendant is released from jail using a bail bond, then that same bail bond can be used to put them back in jail again. It's not quite as simple as that because there must be good reasons to revoke a bail bond, however. If a bail bond gets revoked, it means that it's no longer valid. If your bail bond gets revoked, you can be taken back to jail immediately. 

Why a Bail Bond Is Revoked

There are several ways a bail bond can be revoked, and a lot depends on the laws of the state. However, judges often can revoke a bail bond for various reasons. For instance, they might issue a bench warrant when a defendant fails to appear in court. Appearing in court is one of the most important conditions of bail, but it's also the way many of those out on bail end up back in jail. When any bail condition is violated, it can mean a revocation of the bail bond. Other common bail conditions include carrying weapons, hanging out with felons, contacting alleged victims, leaving the area, and more.

The bail bond agent can revoke a bail bond if they have reason to believe that the defendant is not going to appear for their hearing. The bail bond agency must pay the court for the full cost of the bail if the defendant does not show up. Not all bail agencies have the power to arrest a defendant, but some do.

The person who took out the bail bond (the guarantor) can also revoke the bond in most states. If a friend paid for a bail bond, they could be responsible for the defendant's behavior while out on bail. When the friend has a reason to think that the defendant is disobeying bail conditions, they may have the power to revoke the bond. That means the defendant can be brought in and jailed again.

When a bail bond is revoked, the judge may not allow the defendant to be released again. To find out more about bail bond revocations, speak to a bail bonding agency such as A Professional Bail Bonds.