Military Divorces Can Be Different

Posted on: 8 January 2021

Military divorces differ significantly from civilian divorces. When one or both spouses are in the military, things become more complex. You may have a lot of concerns about these divorces, and you may also have a lot of questions.

So, why should you consider a military divorce lawyer? Your lawyer will help you with these different concerns that might be a little bit different than you are used to.

Jurisdictions May Be Different

When one or both spouses is in the military, divorce can be a little different. People in the military deal with a lot of complications, including issues like legal residence in a state, change of station, and deployment. All of this can make divorce a little more complicated. Things get tricky when you are dealing with laws in several different states, for instance. You can also find yourself in a complicated situation when you realize that you want to file for divorce before you qualify for residency in one state. A lawyer helps you with this.

Retirement Benefits Can Be Tricky

Retirement benefits with the military can be tricky. After a certain amount of time, one spouse may be entitled to the other's retirement benefits, and this may require an understanding of specific paperwork and the division of other assets. A lawyer will help each party determine what they are eligible to receive or keep for themselves. For example, if both parties are set to retire from the military, each may keep their own retirement benefits.

Child Support & Custody Become More Complex

The military can make child custody more complicated, and it can also impact things like visitation plans. When one spouse is sent to another base or is deployed, you may have to transfer custody or modify visitation at some point--perhaps even multiple times. Child support is also a concern among parents in which one party is in the military. Child support is also different for military spouses because this occupation often involves promotions. Support can change each year, which means that you may need to get to court to change support as is necessary.

Hire a Military Divorce Lawyer

A military divorce lawyer can help you through the process. Military divorce can be complicated, and you need somebody on your side who understands what you are going through. Speak with a lawyer today to learn more about divorce no matter what branch of the military you are in.