Hiring A Lawyer After And Accident With Your Truck

Posted on: 25 September 2020

Commercial truck drivers involved in accidents can become the focus of the accident investigation even if they are not at fault. Hiring a truck accident lawyer to defend you after an accident is essential, and if your company does not provide one, you should still find an experienced lawyer to represent you. 

Finding a Lawyer

When you are looking for a truck accident lawyer to represent you, it is crucial that you find one with experience in these situations. Your lawyer will need to be able to navigate through the process and needs to understand the industry to represent you well. 

When looking for a lawyer, take the time to talk to several lawyers and find one you are comfortable with. The investigation and case could go on for many months, and you need to have a lawyer that you can work with and trust to get through the process, so if you hire the first one you talk to, you may not be getting the best lawyer for your needs. 

Investigating the Accident

The truck accident lawyer you are working with may want to hire an investigator to look at the accident and uncover additional evidence before the case goes to court. It is vital that you work with the lawyer and the investigator, proving as much detail as you can about what happened. 

Sometimes the details that you didn't think mattered can be important, so tell your lawyer everything you remember just in case there is one little thing that could change the outcome of the case. If the investigator uncovers something you are omitting from the details, it can make it look like you are hiding something, so it is better to tell them everything, even if you think it is trivial. 

Going to Court

If your accident was severe enough that the case ends up going to court, you need to let your lawyer guide you through the process. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know what to say and when to say it in the courtroom. The process is sometimes very formal, and the proceedings can be challenging to understand, but your lawyer will decipher it all for you.

If there are motions to be filed or requests that need to be made in the courtroom, your lawyer will know and will make them at the right time. Let them handle it and follow their lead. When it is time to testify, you will get your chance to tell your side of things, but you must do that when the time is right, and your lawyer will let you know what that is.

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