3 Tips For Buying File Jackets For Your Law Office

Posted on: 2 October 2019

As an attorney, you probably deal with a lot of files and paperwork. If you're getting ready to place an order for file jackets, consider these tips first.

1. Choose the Right Format

Don't assume that all attorney case file jackets are the same. There are a lot of different formats that you can choose from. If you practice different areas of law and would like to use the same file jackets for most or all of your cases, then you may want to look for general format file jackets. If you practice one specific area of law, though, you may want to look for specialized file jackets. For example, there are specific file jackets that are printed for criminal law attorneys, real estate lawyers, family lawyers and more. These might suit your needs a little more.

Of course, if you don't think that any of the pre-printed formats will suit your needs, you can order plain file jackets. Just know that you will need to label these yourself, whether you choose to use your printer or if you write it out by hand.

2. Make Sure They're Large Enough

Carefully check the specifications of the file jackets before buying them. For many of your cases, you might end up with very thick files. You'll want to make sure that the file jackets are big and durable enough that they can hold all of the paperwork for each case. It's typically better to go with file jackets that are on the bigger side than what you think you need, just in case.

3. Buy Them in Bulk

There are two reasons why you should always purchase attorney case file jackets in bulk. For one thing, this is almost always going to be the cheapest way to buy file jackets for your law firm. Many of the companies that sell file jackets and other similar products for law firms offer better deals on bigger quantities. You may also save on shipping by buying more file jackets at once. Plus, your firm might go through a lot of file jackets, since you probably use one for every case. If you buy in bulk, you can make sure that you always have enough file jackets on hand. In fact, you should make a point to order even more in bulk when you start running low so that you can keep a steady supply of them in your law firm.

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