Four Tips For Employees Facing Gender Discrimination At Work

Posted on: 27 May 2018

Even though there are laws demanding that men and women be treated equally in the workplace, gender discrimination does still happen from time to time. If you feel that you have been discriminated against at work because of your gender, here are four tips you can follow to help get the fair treatment you deserve -- and ensure that those who follow in your footsteps are treated better.

1. Talk to Human Resources

The first step in addressing any claim of gender discrimination in the workplace is typically speaking to your human resources department. File an official complaint, and make sure you include as many details as possible. Do not be fearful of whether you're doing the right thing; gender discrimination is illegal, and you are simply reporting someone who has broken the law. Your human resources department should follow up with the person you've filed a complaint against. Hopefully, this changes their behavior and the issue does not arise again. If their behavior does not change, you can continue with tip #2.

2. Talk to a Lawyer

If talking to human resources does not change the situation, then it's time to get a lawyer involved. Look for an employment lawyer in your area who has a history of handling gender discrimination cases. Based on your description of the treatment you're receiving, the may recommend one of several routes. They can help you draft official letters requesting that your treatment in the workplace change. If this does not work, they can help you file an actual discrimination case against your employer.

3. Don't Compromise Your Work Ethic

When you're being discriminated against, you may sometimes start to feel like there's no point in working hard or doing your best anymore. But your best option is to keep your head up and keep doing your job to the best of your ability. This way, your employer cannot argue that the unfair treatment is due to your job performance and not your gender.

4. Be Open to Stories From Others

While you do not want to go seeking out coworkers who have had a similar experience, be ready for them to approach you when they find out you are filing a complaint of discrimination. Listen to their stories, and if necessary, refer them to your lawyer; they may be able to be included in your case, or at the very least, they can serve as witnesses.

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