Want A Divorce? Know The Areas Of Expertise A Lawyer Can Specialize In

Posted on: 24 January 2018

If the time has come for you to file for divorce, you will want a lawyer to be on your side through the entire process. However, you may not know what kind of lawyer you need to handle your case. Here are some areas of expertise that a divorce lawyer can specialize in.

Domestic Violence Cases

Anyone that is a domestic violence victim can benefit from a lawyer that has worked with cases like yours in the past. For example, you may need their help filing a protection order or help finding financial assistance, while you are living away from your spouse. Always let a potential divorce lawyer now that domestic violence was involved, and they'll let you know how they can assist you.

Hostile Divorce Cases

A divorce is not always amicable. It is possible that your spouse has decided to fight you at every stage of the divorce process. Your divorce may not be settled in mediation, which means you'll have to go to a judge to settle the final terms of the divorce. Look for a lawyer that has experience inside the courtroom, which includes going to trial for divorce cases. Since so many cases are settled in mediation, you always want to know about your lawyer's actual experience in front of a judge.

Financial Issues

Most divorces are simple to settle, since it is just dividing shared assets from the marriage and deciding who gets what. However, things can be very complicated, when there are complex finances involved in the divorce.

If you own a small business with your spouse, it is work seeking out a divorce lawyer that has experience in major financial issues. Dividing a business is more complicated than selling it off and splitting the income, since there will most likely be a desire to keep the business running and everyone employed.

It's also possible that one spouse took on a lot of debt during the marriage, such as student loans. You'll need professional help to ensure that the debts are properly divided after the divorce.

Custody Issues

Any divorce where a child is involved will need to decide on who gets custody. It is possible that both spouses will be too emotional when dealing with this issue, which is where a lawyer with experience in custody battles can come into play. They can help put the needs of the child first in a divorce.

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