Crucial Questions To Ask A Workers Comp Attorney When You Have Sustained A Chemical Burn At Work

Posted on: 13 December 2016

If you have recently experienced a severe chemical burn at work, it is important to remember that the initial burn is not the only concern. In fact, given the possibility of infection after and scarring associated with chemical burns, the pain and costs of the initial burn could easily be only a tiny percentage of what you may have to deal with in the coming months or years. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a workers compensation attorney to represent your interests and the following questions will help you to choose the most appropriate person for your needs.

How Familiar Is The Lawyer With Work-related Chemical Burns?

It is easy to assume that one workers compensation attorney will be able to represent an injured worker as well as the next attorney, but the truth is that there are specific niches that some workers compensation lawyers have more experience in than others. It is first necessary to understand that the American Burn Association recently mentioned that in 2011, there were approximately 486,000 burns that needed medical treatment and that in 2010, about 40,000 of the burns reported required hospitalization.

Since the American Burn Association also documented that only about 3% of reported burn injuries were chemical burns, it is easy to see that choosing someone experienced with claims or legal actions related to that type of burn in a work setting can be challenging. However, while a broken limb or even a severe cut can usually be expected to heal without an obvious indicator of the injury, chemical burns can result in severe scarring, infection, and painful skin grafts.

What Type Of Damages Can You Ask For?

If you are not familiar with the complexities of a work-related injury, it is important for you to understand that there are often formulas that can be used to estimate what your injury is worth. For instance, if you incurred an injury because of a mistake that you or a co-worker made, the dollar amount stemming from that injury will probably be less than it would be if a supervisor deliberately exposed you to a situation that was unsafe.

In addition, whether or not it would be logical to assume that a chemical burn like the one you have could be seen as the likely result of something you had to do at work and appropriate safety measures were not taken, you may be eligible for a higher settlement. The dollar amount of that type of injury is known as punitive damages and exists primarily to punish anyone who could have foreseen or prevented injuries and did not take the necessary steps to do so.

Another type of damages that you may be able to ask for is for physical or emotional pain and suffering. Factors that could be considered when determining the right amount to provide you with include the size, location, and extent of the chemical burn, how well it healed, whether infection or skin grafts were required, and how the scarring might impact you in the future. Small burns that healed well and did not require extensive medical intervention may not be eligible for large sums, while serious burns that caused complications or invasive medical care are more likely to result in bigger settlements.

In conclusion, hiring a workers compensation lawyer if you have received a chemical burn at work is essential, since you could be living with the results of the injury for a long time. To find out more, speak with a business like Rizzi Law Group.