Proving Your Landlord's Negligence In Clearing A Parking Area During Inclement Weather

Posted on: 19 May 2016

If you became injured as you were walking in the parking area in your apartment complex, and you believe your landlord knowingly refused to clear the path for tenants during inclement weather, you will most likely want to press charges in an attempt to obtain compensation to pay for your medical expenses. Unless you signed paperwork stating your landlord was not responsible for the condition of the parking area, you most likely have a case against them for failing to keep tenants safe. Here are some steps you can take to prove the area was purposely ignored during bad weather, leading to your accident as a result.

Gather Evidence From Other Tenants

Other people within the apartment complex most likely have had problems getting to their vehicles without falling themselves. Ask other tenants their feelings on the condition of the parking area during times when snow or ice has been present. You may find someone else had suffered an injury as you had, making it more believable if you decide to take your landlord for court in the future. Find out if anyone had taken pictures of the lot on a snowy day. If pictures have date and time stamps upon them, they can be used to prove the parking lot was left in a poor state for an unacceptable amount of time.

Find Out If Anyone Saw Your Fall

If your parking lot area is within view of the apartments themselves, there is a good chance someone had seen you fall. Slide a flyer on each tenant's door asking for help to prove your case. Make sure your phone number or email address is listed and give a summary of what happened when you became injured. If someone saw your landlord or a maintenance worker on the premises during this time, it might show a court that they were negligent in doing their duty in keeping those in the area safe. If your apartment complex is located in an area where other properties are nearby, a neighbor from a home or apartment across the street or next door may also have seen something beneficial to prove your case.

Hire The Right Attorney

Make sure the attorney you hire to represent you is seasoned in dealing with personal injury cases. They will have the most knowledge on the ways to gather needed evidence to prove fault of your landlord. They will also use some past cases to help show the landlord was not doing their job in caring for their tenants properly. If your landlord evicts you after you press charges, this may lead to an additional case. Having an attorney who had worked with apartment cases before will be to your benefit as they may be able to prove you were unjustly told to leave your home.

Listen To Your Doctor's Advice

To help prove the extent of your injury to a court, you need to follow up with your doctor regularly. They will give you documents to bring to court showing how they have been treating your injury and what their recommendations are regarding healing. Make sure to take any medications prescribed as this information will show you are in need of help in getting your body back to its normal state. If you fail to keep appointments or take your medication, it will appear you are trying to obtain money for a fall that really did not hurt you as bad as you claim. While you did indeed fall, this will make you appear as if you are falsely accusing the landlord to obtain money.

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