Want To Get Married To Someone Who Isn't An American Citizen? Hire A Lawyer Fast

Posted on: 24 March 2015

You have fallen in love with someone who lives in another country, and you want to get married, but how do they get a green card? You will first need to have them apply for a travel visa, so they can stay in the country long enough for you to get married. You may need the help of a lawyer such as Ahmad Law Office PLLC.

An immigration lawyer is an expert and can make sure all of the paperwork gets processed before your big day. Here are a few reasons you want to hire an immigration lawyer to handle the issue.

Application Paperwork

The application has to be flawless, because it will be processed among many others. You want to have a legal team compile the application so you know everything is correct, and that the government has all of the information that they need. Bring all of their identification information to your meeting, so everything is accurate and there aren't any further delays. Once they have their travel visa, they can come into the United States.

Marriage License   

You will have to file for your marriage license, and this can be difficult to do when you are marrying someone who isn't a United States citizen. The lawyer can deal with the marriage license application, to make sure it gets processed and to make sure your wedding is going to be legal. Once the two of you are married, your spouse is ready to file for their green card.

Green Card

Once you are officially married, you are ready to apply for your new spouse's green card. Since they are your spouse, there should be no problems getting them approved. You will want to have your lawyer file for this paper right after your wedding day, so they can become a United States citizen.

The legal process for getting someone into the United States so you can marry them is tricky, because they don't want people coming in and getting married just so they can get a green card. You want to have a lawyer that will fight your case for you, whether you found your spouse on vacation, or you have never met them in person because you have been dating them online. There are several pages of applications you have to sift through when you want to apply to get married to someone who isn't an American citizen, and a legal professional is your best option.