Party Killing Personal Injury Claims: 3 Property Dangers To Remove During Your Outdoor Event

Posted on: 2 January 2015

You have been planning for weeks: the steaks are in marinade, and the invitations have been sent. But before your first guest arrives for the outdoor event in your backyard, there is one important thing you have to do. You must make sure you are not posing any dangers that could cause injury to your guests. Injury is not purposeful, of course, but it is easy to assume that because your backyard is safe for you, it should be safe for your guests. However, there are several property dangers that could cause someone at your party to get hurt. Here are three that you should work to eliminate before the event kicks off.

Contain Your Dog

Your good ole' dog may be gentle and easygoing with you and the rest of the family, but bring in a bunch of strangers, a lot of commotion, and things that make him nervous and you could easily see a whole new side of your pet. If your dog bites someone at the party, legally, you can be held responsible for hospital bills, and could even be pursued in a personal injury claim. If your dog is on a leash, make sure he is far away from the attendees. If you normally allow your dog to roam the yard, put him inside or on a chain for the night.

Remove Low-Lying Trip Hazards

You may want to show off that new landscape lighting or the decorative statues you just got for your birthday, but if they are below knee-level, they would be better off in the garage for the night. These items are difficult to spot because they are not high enough to be at a visual level, which means someone could easily trip and get hurt. The last thing you want is tumbling guests with a broken ankles or other injuries for which you could be held liable.

Ensure Stairways are Safe or Blocked Off

If you have stairs leading out to your lawn or up to your patio, keep in mind that stairs and any type of moisture will not mix and some guests are just not the most stable, especially if there will be alcohol involved. It is a good idea to do a quick inspection of your stairs and make sure they are free of trip hazards. In some cases, it is best to just block off steep or narrow stairways until everyone is gone.

Personal injury protection should be right at the top of the list when you are planning your outdoor party or event. The last thing you want to have is a personal injury claim hovering over your head because you were neglectful with preparing your property for guests. Talk to places like A Personal Injury Network for more tips on securing your property.